Friday, November 27, 2009

lively night

Hello, littlest world tonight.
Been a long time since the last post.
Still, my life's getting more colourful each day.

Tonight I'd like to share only a tiny part of my life.

It's seems like my life is perfect.
Having a good family, good boyfriend, good friends, good school and its stuffs, also good opportunity. But nothing is perfect in this world. Having everything in a really good composition doesn't mean your life is perfect. Well, at least that's what I thought.

What if you are too good in something, so when you fall, everyone will judge you because you shouldn't fall?
What if, being your self is forbidden, but being the perfect you is a must?
Then, what if everything in your life has been planned, by everyone that faking the truth that you are actually not that good?

Well, my life is not as that sucks.
It's very wonderful actually. I love to have a life like this. But people have their own perceptions, and sometimes, they push their own imagination to others. Unfortunately, others who don't have any power to refuse.

Okay, it's only a tiny part of my perfect life.
Now, I want to share another part of my life. It's about love.
Love is all around.
Love is happiness that bleed inside your heart.
Love is hurts when its best

Yeah I don't really think too deep about love. But something sure, I want to fall in love. Love with no passion and desire. Love with love, with the rest of love in your life, love without others perception. Love with no limit to love. I'm sick of love. When I'm too in love with someone, then others will correct my love ethic. WHAT ARE THEY REALLY THINK? Even it's a part of my life, but they still want to be the director.

Should I sometimes just ignore those people?
Should I someday be so wild, be free? Express my deepest me?
Should I someday get across my own perception?

Well, I live in indonesia, where everyone cares a lot with ethics and drama. But should ethics kill your own creativity to be alive? To be someone lively? I think it shouldn't be that rigid.

Thank god I have a life like this, it makes me wiser each day. It makes me learn about life, social, anything. Someday, I'll be a mother, and I want to let my children see everything in their own windows, so they can be free to express everything. And,I will be the mother that standing behind them, watching them grow lively, helping when they fall.

Only in littlest world of my life,