Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Beginning of Life

coming back after more than three months leaving this blog, bringing new story of my life.

life has been so challenging for the last three months, giving many lessons, also new hope for the future. also, bringing memories that maybe..wont last forever.

since the new year began, i've found new friends, new best friends, new happiness. but happiness never comes alone. he brings sadness, also problems that are the risk for raising happiness.

i am seventeen, with more-than-seven-'teen' problem. i always love Uncle of Spidey's quote:
with big power, comes big responsibility

i have the power of my own, so that i have the responsibility. the big one, tho.

i made new friends, while i also made few enemies -which i actually won't have one.
people have their own perception, that is the thing i cant change. but real, for sure, i've tried so hard to make everyone happy, even if it hurts me sometime.

thing i learned, dont really think about their opinian. Just run and shine.

only in littlest world, tonight.