Tuesday, December 7, 2010

back to our roots

well, hey there world.

tonite i'd love to share a bit about my world.

been such a long time not to post anything in this blog. in this little world of mine. i got such a busy day, with fuzzy stuffs, here and there, and world seems upside down. head over heels. i'm a new medical student, with both left and right life, different world.

here, i found so many new things. especially about perspective. smart people, with smart perspective, fresh and inspiring. although there are a lot of smarty-kind-humble-white-flat people that seem to ignore their own unique.

AA how i miss high school.

But for sure, i love college life.

i found new adventure. opening my new life, in different world, with the same perspective of my self, same vision, same mission, same me. thank god, i'm still my self.

the more i grow up, the harder effort needs to stick to my integrity. but thank god, i am too stubborn to be influenced by the view of others.

sometimes, I have to succumb to give happiness to others. even if it means sacrificing yourself. Also, i am waiting for a guy, who are willing to wait for me, until I am mature enough to understand what love is.

for love life, this is what it has to be:
"to love is to enjoy the warmth of the sun from both sides of life........" -unknown

for life, one important thing to be remembered:
accept first, then fight - Kevin Triangto, FMUI 2008

all my love, regards

only in littlest world, tonight