Wednesday, September 16, 2009

indigo girl -or not

Morning, everyone!

I start this day by opening my blog and gosh! It's been a long time not to update mine.
Well I don't really know what to tell ya, but I suddenly remember about the topic my friend gave me yesterday.

Indigo -someone who has other abilities, unusual.
What happen if you are an indigo? Well my friend didn't tell me so much about it, but between indigo or ordinary, have no significant differences.
Yea in spite of knowing more or seeing more, being indigo seems much similar.

He told me maybe I'm one of those indigo girls. Hm I don't quite believe it. But sometimes I do feeling different than others. I can see through time, although I don't really think about it. I just feel I'm more sensitive than others.
Sometimes if I see problem, my heart will tell me what to do or something. And apparently, its true. Yeah its true. And if I see something, I know what will happen next.

Well, no matter I'm indigo or not, it's still a mother nature's gift

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